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Note: This article refers to setting up SSO in Benchling In Vivo. For setting up an Azure integration on your core Benchling tenant, please refer to Configure SAML on Microsoft Azure AD.


  1. Sign in to your company Azure account (with admin access).

  2. Click on Azure Active Directory.

  3. Click on Enterprise Applications.

  4. Click New Application.

  5. Click "Create your own application".

  6. Set the name to "Benchling In Vivo".

  7. Select “Register an application to integrate with Azure AD (App you're developing)” option

  8. Select web and set redirect URI to the following:

    For production

    For Sandbox

  9. Register.

  10. From Azure Active Directory select App registrations

  11. Select application “Benchling In Vivo” from the app registrations list

  12. Click Certificates and Secrets.

  13. Click New Client Secret.

  14. Enter a description and select an expiry to suit your needs.

  15. Click Add.

  16. Save the resulting Client secret value as you will not be able to view this again.

  17. Click Authentication.

  18. Set the logout URL to the following:

    For production

    For Sandbox

  19. Click Save.

  20. Click on branding and add the Benchling logo (optional).

  21. In the same section, set the homepage to the following:

    For production

    For Sandbox

  22. Go back to the Azure Active Directory.

  23. Click on Enterprise Applications.

  24. Select Benchling In Vivo.

  25. Click Assign users and groups.

  26. Click Add user.

  27. Select users and assign.

  28. Click Properties.

  29. Turn "assignment required" to YES.

  30. Save.

  31. Complete the configuration in Benchling In Vivo by navigating to Manage Team > Single Sign-on > Active Directory (Azure) and entering in your Tenant ID, Client ID and Client Secret. Be sure to flip the Enable Azure AD SSO to turn SSO on, and press Save when complete.

The Client and Tenant IDs are located in the essentials section of the overview of the application in MS Azure.


Note: Please ensure the app has been granted the correct admin approval to allow users to sign in in the "permissions" section of the enterprise application under "security".



This information is entered in the Single sign of section under "integrations" as shown below:

  • Ensure that SSO is enabled

  • Click SAVE



Accessing Benchling In Vivo

If you have been granted access, Benchling In Vivo will appear in the "My Apps" section. This can be accessed through the My Apps Secure Sign-in Extension on Google Chrome.


SSO setup errors


Use the following troubleshooting guide if you experience issues setting up SSO in Benchling In Vivo.

SAML/SSO Configuration Guide

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