Task Management

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Create a Task template

  1. In the blue navigation bar, click on the Tasks icon.
  2. Select templates in the grey navigation bar and click Add New Template.
  3. Enter your template name.
  4. Type the description of your first task and select the task type:
    • Recurring Task - A task that is performed in a recurring pattern (for example, every Tuesday).
    • Conditional Task - A task that is performed when an animal reaches a particular milestone (for example, a certain age or study day). Age is calculated from each animal's date of birth; Study day is calculated from the Study start date (assigned when creating a study or in study settings); and Tracking day is calculated from each animal's tracking date.


  5.  Enter the relevant task information (frequency, condition etc) and click Add another task to progress.
  6. Continue to add all of your tasks and click Save template when complete.

Note: Task templates can also be generated when creating a study.

Assign a Task template

Option 1

  • When creating a new study, section F of the creation form is dedicated to task management.
  • If you have previously created a task template, simply select it using the Dropdown menu and assign your study start date.
  • If you have not yet created the template, click the Add a new template button and follow the steps above. Once saved, the template will display in the Dropdown menu.

Option 2

  • If you need to assign a Task template to a study that already exists, click on the Settings button in the grey navigation bar (you need to be in the study to see this navigation bar).
  • Click on Task management and select your template using the Dropdown menu.

Update a Task template

  • If assigned to a study, task templates are locked and can't be edited.
  • To unlock a task template, either remove the template from your study in the study settings or archive the study once complete. If a task template is removed from a study, all future tasks (beyond the current day) relating to the template will be deleted. Previous tasks will remain.
  • If a template is unlocked you can edit the content by clicking on the template name within the Task management feature.

Update tasks

  • After assigning a task template to your study, tasks will automatically be generated on the appropriate dates.
  • Click on the task to update the assignee and task status.
  • If the task is conditional, a list of animals meeting the condition will be displayed.

Create individual tasks

  • If you need to create tasks on an individual basis, this can be done by clicking the Add task button on the top right of the Tasks screen.
  • Select the applicable study, enter the task description and select the completion date to create the task.

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