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Benchling In Vivo has the ability to store links to other resources that might be relevant to your study. For example, you could link to the study in an ELN system, or link to a file stored in your company Sharepoint / Dropbox.

To access this, click on the Attachments link in the study navigation bar.

Ensure that the Links tab is selected at the top. You should see a table below showing the links that exist in the study. Alternatively, you will see some text explaining that no links have been created.

To create a link, click the Add a link button located at the top right of the table. You will need to enter the link name and the URL. You will also have the option to add a link description. If any Attachment metadata exists in your team, you will also have the option to add these custom fields.


Click Save to create the link.


To access the link, simply click on the Name in the table.


To copy, edit or delete the link, select it in the table and click the Actions button.


You can also add links during the study creation process. This will only be possible if your team administrator has added the Attachment section to your study creation forms.


Please note that links can be accessed by anyone who has been invited to the study.

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