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In the Treatment section of your Team Glossary, you can store the names of the compounds/ test articles that are being evaluated in your studies.


Adding Treatments

Simply click the Add treatments button and enter the name of each drug. This could be an actual name or an identifier used by your company for drugs still under development.


Multiple drugs can be added to your Glossary at the same time. To do this, click the Add new button after entering the previous drug details.


When finished, click Save.


Note: When the In Vivo Sync is enabled to link your Core Benchling and In Vivo tenants, treatments do not need to be added to this glossary as users will search through Benchling registered custom entities rather than this glossary. Both the Benchling registry and In Vivo glossary can be used in the same study if required. 


Editing Treatments

To edit a treatment name, select the relevant treatment by clicking the checkbox located on the same row.


Click the Actions button at the top of the table and click Edit.


Please note that only one treatment can be edited at a time.


Deleting Treatments

To delete a treatment, click the X icon located at the end of the relevant row in the treatments table.


Please note that treatments can't be deleted once they have been used in a study. If this is the case, hovering over the X icon will show the message "This treatment type is in use".


This is a protective mechanism to ensure that treatment information stored in older studies is not affected by the treatment being deleted from your team at a later date.



When creating a study, treatment doses are created and assigned to groups Read more.

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