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Benchling In Vivo Data tables allow you to capture and visualize data in a tabular view. Follow these steps to create a new Data table in your study:

  • Navigate to the Data tables section your study.

  • Click the Create new Data table button.

  • Enter a descriptive name for this table and select the tabular format under Type.

There are three types of table structures to choose from when creating a new Data table.

Timeseries: Use this option when capturing data at multiple time points for each animal.

Numeric: Use this for collecting data over a variable which is on a numeric scale (eg. temperature, humidity)

Custom: Use this to create a table with additional column types such as a column to record a comment as Text or to incorporate a formula or timestamp (Eg. For food consumption studies)

  • Order and select the the animals to be added to this table.

Note: you can reorder the animals by clicking on the column header to apply a sort.

  • Click Create

Using the Data table tool bar:

Use the buttons in the tool bar to carry out the following actions:

  • Undo last action
  • Redo last action
  • Add new animals
  • Add column - The column type is determined by the Data table format
    • Timeseries: each new column will add a new timepoint either manually or automatically depending on the table setup. Only numbers can be entered into this column.
    • Numeric: each new column will titled with a numeric value followed by the unit as define in the table setup. Only numbers can be entered into this column.
    • Custom: choose which column type to create from Text, number, formula, timestamp.
  • Show - Decide which fields to display for each animal including, group, cage, identifiers.

Entering data into a Data table

To enter values into the cell click to select the cell and type using your keyboard, from a connect device, or use copy and paste from an external file. Clicking enter on your keyboard will move you to the next row in the table, the value entered will automatically be saved upon leaving the cell.

You cannot edit the values in a formula column however you can copy these out of the column.

An error message is displayed if the data that is entered is in an invalid format.

Table Shortcuts

  • Click on the column header to select an entire column

  • Click on the animal information to select an entire row

  • Hold shift key and arrow keys to select multiple cells

  • Hold Shift and click another cell to select a block of cells

Note: To delete a row from the table hover over the animal name to reveal the delete row button and confirm the deletion. This row including any saved data can be added into the table by adding the animal using the "add row" button in the tool bar.

Editing and deleting a Data table

From the ... actions menu to the right of each Data table row you have the ability to edit the name of the Data table or delete it. This can only be carried out by users who have Write access to the study.


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