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For companies using Benchling to manage in vivo studies utilizing the integration to sync in vivo study data from Benchling In Vivo to Benchling's registry for downstream processing and data analysis, a folder must be entered at study design to define the location where this study is synced into.


Note: If you do not have the Benchling In Vivo-Benchling integration for your organization and would be interested to learn more, please contact your Benchling point of contact or reach out via


How to use the folder selector

  1. When creating a study you will find a section called "Benchling Integration"

    1. Note: For this to appear the study form that was selected must contain a metadata field in a custom section called "Benchling Integration Folder ID" and the benchling integration must be enabled for this tenant.

  2. Start typing the name of the Benchling folder into this field.

  3. Once you start typing into the search field, any folder on the benchling tenant that the integration has permission to access with a matching name will be returned in a dropdown.

  4. Select the correct folder from this drop down.

  5. Continue to the study summary

  6. Click save

  7. This study and associated groups and treatments with relevant metadata will be registered into the connected registry and located in the selected folder.


How to change the folder after you have created a study

After creating a study you cannot use the folder selector to change the folder but this can be manually changed by replacing the API ID of the selected folder with that of an alternative folder.

  1. Find the folder in Benchling

  2. Right click on the folder to reveal an options menu

  3. click on "copy API ID"

  4. Go to study settings > Metadata in Studies

  5. Paste this ID into the metadata field called "Benchling Integration Folder ID"

  6. Click save

We advise that only trained tenant Admins should carry this out and to contact support for help if required. If an incompatible or incorrect ID this study will NOT be synced to Benchling.



  • If you do not see this field:

    • The folder selector feature has not yet been enabled for your organization.

    • The Metadata field for "Benchling Integration Folder ID" does not exist or has been archived in manage teams>glossary>metadata.

  • If you see a text field or a dropdown containing options in the format: lib_aBCDeFGH

    • The folder selector feature has not yet been enabled for your organization.

  • The folder you are searching for cannot be found

    • The Benchling In Vivo-Benchling integration does not have permission to access this folder.

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