Custom study creation forms

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As a team administrator, you can create custom study creation forms that can then be used by anyone in your team. This includes the ability to create custom sections in the form that contain applicable study metadata fields.


Creating a Form

Click on the Manage team icon located in the blue navigation bar.


In the secondary navigation bar, click Studies then click Forms. You will see a table with the current study creation forms that exist in your team.


Click the Create new button.


Enter the name of your new form and click Save and continue. The configuration for your new form will load in.


Use the radio buttons under your form name to select if the form will be used for creating Internal studies (conducted in your own facility) or External studies (conducted outside your own facility).


You can then define the Sections that your team members will go through when creating a study. The default sections are:

  • Information - Study name and description

  • Team - Users who have access to the study

  • Cages and animals - Used to quickly create cages and animals for the study

  • Presets - Defines the data structure of the study

  • Alerts - Enables users to create alerts linked to measurements

  • Tasks - Setup tasks to be performed in the study

  • Attachments - Upload files during study creation

The Information and Team sections are required by default to create a study. All other sections can be turned on / off by using the checkboxes.


You can also reorder the sections by clicking and dragging.


Beyond the default sections, you have the ability to create custom metadata sections. To do this, click the Add section button.


Enter the name of your section and select the study metadata fields who would like to include.


Your selected items will appear on the right side. To re-order them, simply drag and drop. You can also make the field required by clicking the checkbox.


When the section is configured, click the Save button. You can create as many custom sections as you want within the same form.


Finally, click the Save button.


The form will now be accessible by everyone in your team with creating a study.


Editing a Form

To edit a form, simply click the Form name in the table.


This will load in the configuration, enabling you to make changes.


Deleting a Form

In the Forms table select the forms you want to delete.


Click Bulk actions and click Delete.


Type DELETE into the text box and confirm by clicking Delete section.


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