Creating a custom data table

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Use a custom Data table to capture non-numeric values in your table. This is supported by additional column type options.

  • Build your table by adding columns using the add column button in the tool bar

Select the type of column. If you do not see some of the options listed below, contact to have them enabled on your tenant.

  • Number - only numeric values can be captured in this column
  • Text - alphanumeric input allowed.
  • Formula - Incorporate number and measurement columns in calculations.
  • Timestamp - Enter a timestamp by clicking the cell or pressing enter on your keyboard.
  • Measurement - Look up and capture measurements directly from the data table
  • Timestamp - PK dosing and calculated bleed times.

Amending columns in a Data table

Users can move, edit, lock and delete columns from a data table using the column header menus.

Click on the arrowhead to reveal the menu and click the relevant option.

  • Move column: change the order of columns in the table

  • Edit: Edit the column name, units, formula as required. Note: you cannot edit a measurement column, to amend delete the column and create a new one.

  • Lock/unlock column: Lock the column as read-only when you have finish capturing data for all animals to prevent further changes.

  • Delete: Delete an entire column from the table.

Note: for measurements columns clicking delete removed the column but does not delete the measurements from the animals as these are automatically saved, adding this column back into the table will also display all of the measurements for the animals on this day.

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