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From any study, click the Settings menu item from the Study Navigation bar. Then click Alerts


Alerts can be set up during Study Creation, but can also be added, edited or deleted from the study settings by users with write access to that study. They are directly linked to the selected Preset and can be added for any measurement included in your Preset. Note: if alerts exist in a study the preset is locked.


Creating new alerts

To add an alert, click the Add alert button at the top right corner of the table.


First, define the condition that triggers the alert.

  • When: Decide if this alert is a one off (set to trigger As soon as a condition is met) or a recurring alert (User is notified every time this condition is met.

  • Metric: Select the measurement from the preset selected for this study.

  • condition + amount: Define the value or % change that needs to be exceeded to trigger this alert. using the following options:

    • Greater than x

    • Less than x

    • Has decreased by x %

    • Has increased by x %

E.g. An alert is set to trigger every time weight has decreased by 10% compared to the first recorded measurement. If this has occurred earlier in the study and was resolved when it occurs again a new alert will be triggered.


Secondly, select how the user will be notified.


Selecting warning will preset a temporary banner at the bottom of the screen which will not impact the users workflow. However selecting Critical will display a pop-up overlay forcing the user to pause their workflow so that this alert will not be missed for critical endpoints and welfare thresholds. For more information see video here


Deleting alerts


To delete alerts, select the alerts using the check box at the left of each row and use the bulk actions menu to delete.


Editing an alert

To edit an alert, click on the metric name in blue text to make amendments to alert condition and type.

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