Recording Measurements

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From the Animal Profile

  • Click the Add new link in the top-right corner.

  • Choose the relevant metric you'd like to update.

A window will appear where you can specify the date the measurement was recorded, and a field (or fields) for the measurement to be entered.

Any calculations will be automatically performed based on how your study was designed.

Once saved, the latest entry will be visible from the list below the graph. You can click any measurement to see who recorded it and when.

From the Workflow

Upon saving your Workflow setup, you can access every cage and animal in your study before associating any new measurements, samples or observations.

When you have located the animal you would like to record measurements for you can either enter the data manually or with measurement devices such as Bluetooth-enabled calipers or USB-connected balances.

Click Save when you are done. If using hardware to directly record the measurement, it may automatically save to prevent this step. Depending on your Workflow setup the software will either move to the next animal or load the relevant section you have chosen.

From a Data Table

Using a custom data table, add a column type Measurement and enter values directly into the table to record measurements. Refer to this help article on data table navigation to set up custom ID scanning and measurement workflows.

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