Cage Cards

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Cage cards are automatically generated for every cage created in Benchling In Vivo. They come with the following default information:

  • Cage Name

  • Cage Barcode

  • Study Name

  • Animal Name

  • Animal DOB

  • Animal Sex

  • Animal Strain


You also have the ability to place up to eight custom fields on the cage cards that will be printed across your team. To do this, click Manage team and click on Cage cards in the Studies section.


You will see a preview of the cage card on the right side. On the left, you will see a list of custom study and cage metadata fields which have been added to your team Glossary.

Simply select the eight fields you would like to display on the cage cards. The preview will update as you do this.

Click Save to confirm the changes.


Printing cage cards

Print these cage cards from the colony or study cages view from the actions menu, these will be printed by default with 4" x3" dimensions. 

new cage card.png




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