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Viewing Cages in a Study

From the Study Navigation menu:

  • Click Cages

An overview of every cage in your study can be seen alongside Animal cards within them for each animal in the respective cage. The animal number, name and sex are shown in the top line of an Animal card. The color of the treatment group and name are displayed on the second line. The date of birth and age are displayed on the third line. 

Creating new cages

To add new cages, click Add from the menu at the top-right of the page. A list of options will appear:

Quick create cages

This allows you to simply add an empty cage with no extra information to your study.

Create cages with animals

Select this to add multiple cages and animals simultaneously while adding metadata to each.

Assign cages from Colony

Choose this option to add cages to your study which have previously been added to the Colony section.

Filtering in cages

To filter either by sex or treatment group in cages, click the Filter button from the menu at the top of the page.

You can specify whether results must match either all or any condition, and the relevant sex or treatment group from the dropdown menus which appear.

When you are done, click the Filter button.

Adding new animals to Cages

To add animals, click the Add animal link at the bottom of whichever cage you would like to use.

You can add animals in bulk, choosing the number, sex and date of birth you would like to include.

When you are done, click Continue to add the new animals to the cage.

To add any new animals to treatment groups, you must return to the Animals section, select them and choose Add to group (Manual) or Randomize to groups from the Bulk actions menu. This action cannot be done from the Cages section.

Moving animals between Cages

Moving animals is very intuitive, simply pick up an animal from one cage and drop it into another cage.

Move animals in the Colony

  • Use the bulk action, "Manage cages" to open up the cages view across multiple cages in your colony or from the same Study.

Note: You must have Write access to the study if you are managing cages that are assigned to a study

Move animals using the cages page in your study

  • Click on the page called "Cages" a window will appear with all available cages. Each cage can hold up to 10 animals.
  • To move an animal between cages, simply click and drag from its current cage to the required destination.

You can click on the cage name to rename it or using the ... menu to to print cage labels or delete empty cages.

Note: If you need to delete many cages at once, filter the cages table in the Colony and use the Bulk action option to "Delete" cages.

Deleting a cage

To delete a cage, make sure there are no animals present by moving them to another cage. Click the ••• icon beside the cage name and select Delete.

If animals are in a cage, the Delete option will not be active.

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