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This feature is used by teams who want to request colleagues to perform certain actions related to their studies. For example, you could have a pathology request template used to ask your pathology department to perform IHC on a defined list of samples.


To enable these processes, you need to create request templates that can be accessed in any of your team studies.


Creating Request Templates

In the Manage Team section, click Studies in the secondary navigation bar, then click Requests. This will show you a table of existing Request templates in your team.

To create a new Review, click the Create request button.



Enter the Name of your request. This is what your team members will select when adding the request to their study so it should be easily distinguished.



This is the list of people who are able to respond to or action the request. For example, if you were creating a pathology request template, you would select your colleagues from the pathology department.


Request form

This is a form builder that is used to create a custom form that will be completed by your team members when adding the request to the study. You can use the following field types:

  • Group title - Use this to define a new section of fields.

  • Text - A basic text field

  • Long text - A longer text field suitable for capturing lengthly responses

  • Select - A field that enables users to select from a list of provided options

  • Multi-select - A field that enables users to select multiple options

  • Date - A basic date field


This will confirm the information you have entered. Click Save and create to create the request template.


Editing a Request Template

To edit a request template, simply click on the request name in the Manage Team section.


Submitting a request from your study

From a study a new request can be submitted by any user with write access to this study from the requests section in the Study overview.


The collaborator(s) who will be picking up the request will access this via a link in an email that they will receive after the request is sent. This is from the general requests section from which they can attach files, links and add comments to this task.

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