Benchling User Interface Accessibility Update, October 2023

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Benchling is committed to providing a platform that is accessible to all individuals. Accessible design enables people of all abilities to interact with, understand, and navigate our platform with ease. To help achieve this goal, we are updating the color palette of our application to increase readability and contrast of our User Interface elements.

Starting October 27, 2023, you will notice a new look and feel that better supports an accessible user experience. 

What’s changing?

The application’s color palette will change to be in-line with our new Benchling™ branding. You will see a new, darker blue, a wider range of grays with greater contrast, and a new set of supporting colors that are easy-on-the-eyes and look great together. Please note, this change cannot be reverted.

This change should consistently affect all areas of the product that use predefined UI colors or palettes. Sections with custom-set colors (e.g. tenant sidebars) and some data visualizations (e.g. molecular biology annotations) will remain unchanged. Some static reports and analyses may not update until they are re-run.


Please see below for some examples of how the appearance of the Benchling application will change:

The Benchling™ sign-in page 

New notebook entry, chip, and table appearance

The new interface and sidebar colors

New insights colors (Please note that some static reports and analyses will not update until re-run)

New appearance of our Feature Settings pages

These changes will be consistent across all of Benchling™

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