Data Ingestion Best Practices

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This guide reviews the options for data import (aka ingestion) within Benchling and outlines the recommended use case and limitations of each method. The full Best Practice Guide is attached at the bottom of the article. 

Data Ingestion best practices index

Key topics explored in the attached Best Practices Guide: 

  • Data Ingestion Methods (previewed below)
  • Single-Entity Import

  • Structured Table Import
  • Spreadsheet Import (previewed below)
  • API Import
  • Ingesting Physical Sample Data
  • Single Upload Process
  • Order of Operations - Physical Sample Data
  • Resources for Data Ingestion

Screenshot 2023-09-15 at 11.10.30 AM.png

slide 2
Screenshot 2023-09-15 at 11.11.03 AM.png

slide 5




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