Feature Release Highlights: Polish Bash Showcase 2023

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We’re proud to present a special edition of the Customer Success Feature Release Highlight Series. In this special episode we cover the features released in our 2023 Polish Bash.

What is Polish Bash, you ask? Once a year, Benchling hosts a unique ritual called Polish Bash. In our Polish Bash, our Field and Build teams put their heads together to identify the most impactful “quality of life” improvements we can make to Benchling. Then we spend a full week solely focused on shipping these small, but meaningful improvements that make working in Benchling more joyful. We are excited for you to get a peek at some of the features that we’re most excited about.

The top 5 polished features selected by the Customer Success Team include:

  • Lookup Column for Child Entities
  • Parent Location Lookup
  • Sticky Table Headers 
  • "Paste transpose" in Notebook 
  • Allow pasting structured tables between entries and templates 

Check out the video below:

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