Navigating visual assembly history

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Visual assembly history can be accessed across DNA and RNA sequence entities. Assembly history provides more insight into your sequence design workflows when that construct was created via the Assembly Wizard, the new combinatorial cloning tool, and combinatorial concatenation. 


This article explains viewing and understanding Visual Assembly History.

Accessing the Assembly History tab

The Assembly History tab is only available for sequences designed using the Assembly Wizard, combinatorial cloning tool, or combinatorial concatenation tool.


To view the visual assembly history of your DNA and RNA sequences:

  1. Open a DNA or RNA sequence object in your workspace
  2. Click Assembly History in the entity tab 


Navigating the Assembly History tab 

The Assembly History tab includes entity chips and metadata about the fragment sequences used in your assembly. 


The order in which the sequences were assembled and the relative size of the sequences can be visualized in the visual reference provided. 


For sequences created by the Assembly Wizard, the cloning method and any primers/enzymes used are referenced. The assembly object is also provided for sequences created by the combinatorial cloning or concatenation tools. 

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