Integrate an analytics tool with Benchling

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Use Benchling Analyses to exchange data between Benchling and an external analytics tool, enabling faster decision-making and better insights.

Before you begin

Use the “Import/export” step

  1. Add a new step to the Analysis by clicking the “Plus” icon next to “Analysis Steps” in the analysis sidebar
  2. Select “Import/export”
  3. Copy the Analysis step key
  4. Depending on the external analytics tool that you are using, you may need to paste the Analysis step key in order to push or pull data between Benchling and the tool


Existing integrations

There are a number of integrations that have already been built with Benchling. Take a look at the integration-specific documentation for additional details.

Build an integration to Benchling

Benchling features a rich set of API endpoints that allow developers to easily facilitate data transfer of datasets and files to and from Benchling.

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