Release Notes: Volume 4, 2023

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Welcome to the fourth volume of our 2023 product release notes! We’ve been working hard to bring you performance improvements that add value to your work. Read on to learn about the product enhancements and bug fixes released in April 2023.

Molecular Biology

Benchling’s Molecular Biology is a cutting edge in silico design tool that supports the latest scientific workflows.

Predict protein structures with AlphaFold [2023.4.MB.1]

Users can now predict protein structures and characterize novel structures at a smaller scale using AlphaFold. Users can also:

  • Request a limited number of protein structure predictions for AA sequences up to 1500 residues
  • Select regions of the sequence map to highlight them in the structure
  • Visualize confidence data (pLDDT scores
  • Export structures and confidence data as .mmCIF files

To enable this feature, contact a Benchling representative.

Screenshot 2023-03-29 at 2.37.50 PM.png

Registry and Inventory

The Registry and Inventory combine to form an extremely powerful solution for life sciences R&D samples. The Registry can be used to model and log any biological entities while the Inventory provides an interactive digital window into the physical storage system of your lab.

New access policy for editing names on inventory objects [2023.4.RI.1]

Users can now apply the access policy for changing object names only. This includes containers, plates, boxes, locations, and entities. Previously, this behavior was grouped with other behaviors, like editing entity descriptions.


Workflows are a sequence of processes that are performed to answer a research question or synthesize new material. For example, synthesizing a new set of proteins from supernatants, or improving the transduction process.

Audit logs for requests [2023.4.WF.1]

Users can now export audit logs for requests.

Application Core

To create a seamless Benchling experience, our platform must be consistent, compliant and predictable. The Application Core provides the central capabilities platform to create a smoother user experience.

Date and number formats for imports and runs [2023.4.APP.1]

Users can now choose a locale to set the date and number formats Benchling uses to interpret their spreadsheet data and date and number formats for files uploaded into Lab Automation runs. Select your locale from the Spreadsheet Locale drop-down menu in the spreadsheet import pop-up window or the Run schema configuration. Copy and pasted data will be interpreted based on the locale set in User Settings.

image (71).png

Export Insights and Results audit logs [2023.4.APP.2]

Users can now export audit logs from:

  • Insights dashboards
  • Results table in an entry
  • Lab Auto run

Audit events after April 23, 2023 are captured in the audit logs.

Developer Platform

Our developer platform is fundamental to centralizing and standardizing all your R&D data. Benchling’s APIs and Events are built to match the flexibility and speed of modern life science R&D.

Improved modifiedAt filter examples in the API reference documentation [2023.4.DP.1]

Users can now view examples in a drop-down window of how to use the modifiedAt filter to get specific time windows.

Added enum specification to configuration items of type text, integer, or float[2023.4.DP.2]

Benchling App developers using App Configure in their products can now add an enum specification to configuration items of type text, integer, or float. This enum specifies a set of values defined by the developers which the user may select when configuring the App in Benchling. Users select the specified values from a drop-down menu.

To enable this feature, contact a Benchling representative.

Screenshot 2023-04-25 at 2.15.16 PM.png

Bug Fixes


  • Previously uploaded images in protocols were disappearing
  • Behavior was inconsistent with Custom and Delete fields when switching Entry schemas within an entry


  • Using the right-click copy/paste menu to paste a task in the direct execution pop-up window did not correctly find the Task ID
  • Automated task creation initially failed due to a transient error
  • Changing the flowchart of a task during task creation did not produce an audit event
  • Flowchart tasks could be updated to terminal status even though there were still pending tasks

Application Core

  • Improved calendar performance by increasing timeout limit

Developer Platform

  • Warehouse credentials for Insights (username only) now shown in user settings page


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