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Feature libraries are a repository of sequences that can be used to automatically annotate features across multiple sequences with the same name, color, and type. A feature library can be owned by the organization or a user. Users can only view or edit libraries they have permission to access. There are three default access policies that can be applied to feature libraries:

  • Read - Users can view the feature library and use it to annotate sequences. However, they cannot add and/or remove annotations from the library or update its collaborators.
  • Write - Users can add and/or remove annotations and use it to annotate sequences. However, they cannot rename or delete the library, or update its collaborators.
  • Admin - Users can add and/or remove annotations, annotate sequences, rename or delete the library, and update its collaborators.

Set feature library permissions

Click your avatar at the bottom-left corner.

Under Molecular Biology Settings, click Feature Libraries.

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  1. In the Open Existing Feature Library dropdown, select an existing library. If you’re creating a new feature library, you can skip this step.

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  1. Under the Create new Feature Library section (Red Box), the selected feature library and its annotations display (Purple Box). Click the gear icon in the top-right corner of the selected Feature Library section (Purple Box).

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  1. Under Manage Collaborators, search for the user, team, or organization you’re granting permissions to and click Add Collaborator.
  2. Select the permission policy to apply to the collaborator.
  3. Click Save.

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