Benchling Validated Cloud Communications

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Expected Quarterly Release Communication Types

Benchling Communication Communication Type Description Product Area Frequency 
Benchling Validation Package  Google Drive Notification Benchling binder containing validation documentation Compliance & Validation 1x Every Quarter
Release Impact Assessment (RIA) Zendesk Article Upgrade Feature summary with  associated GxP impact ratings Product & Validation 1x Every Quarter
Quarterly Release Page Help Page Article Release specific dates, resources Operations 1x Every Quarter
Webinar  Zoom Livestream & Recording Webinar showcasing validated cloud release features & best practices Product & Validation 1x Every Quarter
Webinar Article Help Page Resource Webinar recording Product 1x Every Quarter
Preview Upgrade Notification   Email & Tenant Banner Notification of impending upgrade for customer Validated Cloud test and validation environments Operations 3x Every Quarter (1 week before, 24hour prior, post-completion)
Production Upgrade Notification  Email & Tenant Banner Notification of impending upgrade Operations 3x Every Quarter (1 week before, 24 hour prior, post-completion)
Patch/Hotfix Notification Email Notification of patch and hotfix updates Validation Typically 1x Every 2 weeks
Patch/Hotfix Release notes Help Page Resource Description of patch/hotfix release Validation 1x Every 2 weeks


2023 Release Schedule


Validated Cloud Release  Webinar Date  Preview Upgrade Date Production Upgrade Date Risk Impact Assessment (RIA) Availability Date Validation Summary Documentation Availability Date
2023.1 March 2 March 2 March 31, 2023

2nd Week of March


3rd Week of June
2023.2 May 18 May 18 June 23, 2023 2nd Week of May 2nd Week of June
2023.3 August 24 August 24 September 29, 2023 3rd Week of August 2nd Week of September
2023.4 November 30 November 30 January 24, 2024 3rd Week of November 3rd Week of December



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