Benchling Configuration Specification Feature Flags

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Starting with the 2023.1 release, Benchling will change the way we share feature flag information each quarter. In the fall of 2022, Benchling implemented new categories for our feature flags to allow for clear delineation of configurable flags gating Benchling behavior. This update is part of a phased approach to remove internal infrastructure and development flags, in an effort to provide a more streamlined and relevant list of feature flags for validation activities. Moving to this new approach allows for a consistent standard for our validation documentation.


Please reach out to with any questions about how this impacts your quarterly release change management process.


Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How is Benchling tracking flag updates? (e.g. deprecation, new flag value, etc)
    • All flag related activities performed by the engineering team are tracked through internal processes.
    • On a quarterly basis Benchling will be publishing changes made to flags through the Validation Summary Documentation (Release Binder) which contains applicable flag updates.










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