Editing notebook entries

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You can edit any entry you have editing permissions on if the entry isn’t locked. Entries are locked to prevent editing when an entry is in review or if another person is actively making changes to it. Entries often have multiple editors, so to prevent duplication of effort and data loss, entries are automatically locked when someone begins to make changes. 

This article explains entry locking, how to identify who is viewing or editing an entry, and other frequently asked questions. To reopen and edit an entry in review, visit Reviewing entries and reassigning review stages.

View user activity

If another user is viewing or editing an entry you’re viewing, their avatar(s) display in the top-right corner. Hovering over an avatar displays the user’s full name. 

When existing users stop or if new users begin viewing or editing the entry, their avatars disappear and appear as they close and open the entry.

Locked entries

A locked entry is an entry that can be viewed, but not edited. Entries are locked from editing when they’re sent for review or are currently being edited by another user.

Entries lock automatically when someone makes a change to an entry’s content. When there has been no activity from the editor for a period of time, the entry is unlocked. The amount of time is configurable and is always at least 15 seconds. 

Anyone with the appropriate permissions can then begin editing to re-lock the entry. All changes sync automatically to everyone viewing the entry in near-real time.


Can multiple users edit an entry at the same time?

No. At this time, only one user can make changes at a time.

Do I need to refresh the page to view another user’s updates?

No. Updates automatically sync to every user viewing the entry without needing to refresh. Multiple changes are grouped together and get pushed to viewers in chunks.

Can I determine who is editing an entry?

Yes, the editor’s avatar or initials display in the top-right corner, depending on if they have a profile picture uploaded. To view a user’s full name, hover over the avatar.

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