Creating entry review processes

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To ensure consistency and quality of work for your projects, you can customize the types and number of reviews needed to complete an entry. If reviews aren't required, you can enable authors to complete entries in one click. If e-signatures are enabled for review actions on your tenant, reviewers must also confirm their login credentials. This article explains how to configure review processes and select a review process for each of your projects.

Note: To enable this feature, contact your Benchling representative or Benchling Support.

Configure an entry review process

To create an entry review process:

  1. Click your avatar in the bottom-left corner of your tenant and select Feature Settings
  2. In the left-side menu, click Entry Review Processes under the Lab Notebook Settings section.
  3. Click Create in the top-right corner.
  4. Select the review type and complete the remaining fields for the review process and stages:
    • Self-review enables authors to review and complete their entries in a single stage. 
    • Parallel review allows reviewers to complete the review stages in any order.
    • Sequential review requires reviewers to complete the review stages in the order specified in the review process configuration. 
  5. Click Save.

Note: Review processes can’t be deleted after they’re saved.


Field descriptions for review processes and stages

When creating a review process, you’ll need to complete fields for the review process and each review stage. 

The table below explains the fields required for the review process.

Field name



Select the organization the review process applies to. The review process can only be used for projects this organization owns.

Review type

Select the review process stages and enforcement. You can select any review type, no matter how many review stages you have.


The title of the review process. This displays in the project settings when selecting a review process, so we recommend using a descriptive title. For example, Self-review or Sequential review.

Completion status

The status applied to the entry after the review process is complete.

The table below explains the fields required for each review stage.

Field name



Name of each review stage. This name is referenced in entries, audit logs, and exports. For example, Team Lead, Peer review, QC review, etc.


This is the set of users the author can select reviewers from when sending an entry for review. Choose between authors, teams, and project collaborators. Reviewers must have at least View permissions on the project. If you're selecting a team, all users on the team must have permissions on the project.

Action label

The button title reviewers click to complete their review. Use this to more clearly define the intentions of the reviewer. For example, Witness, Review, Accept, etc.


Add context for reviewers that would help them complete their review. You can include review criteria, links to other documents, etc.

Note: If a team is assigned to a review process stage, the team can't be deleted from the organization.

Select an entry review process for a project

After creating a review process, project admins can use it for their project by selecting it in their project’s settings from the Review Process drop-down menu, then clicking Save. Multiple review process can be applied to a project. When sending entries for review, authors should select the appropriate Review Process they wish to use. 

When adding or updating a review process, statuses of the project’s entries that are In Review update to In progress. Entries with In progress or Accepted statuses aren’t affected. To disable this feature or return to the legacy version of the review process experience, contact Benchling Support.

Note: Selecting a review process for a project removes the Auditor checkboxes from the Manage Collaborators section. To manually select auditors, click Select collaborators as auditors from the Review Processes drop-down menu.


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