Our website automatically saves every few seconds when you make changes - so there's no need to save anything.

Data Backups:
We keep incremental backups that allow restoring to any point in time within the last 5 weeks. Furthermore, weekly backups are made which are stored forever. All your data is version controlled, so you can always access older versions of any file.

Data integrity and ownership:
All data is encrypted at rest and served over HTTPS. Backend services are firewalled off from the Internet, only web servers are accessible to afford network isolation. Importantly, all data belongs to the user - we take ownership over no intellectual property. Thousands of scientists in both academia and industry use the Benchling notebook/tools to develop core IP.

Offline/Desktop Benchling:
Unfortunately, we do not currently have a desktop version or offline access scoped on our product roadmap. 

Using Local Servers:
We only offer a cloud-based platform, as this ensures that you are always on the latest version without having to worry about maintenance.

Enterprise Security Features:
Our Enterprise version features enhanced security measures, such as a dedicated virtual private cloud (VPC) and IP whitelisting. This also affords access to our APIs, which enables you to set up automated backup to a local server, if you desire.

For more details, please see our extended security documentation for details of our security practices on our Academic version. This document also includes details of our backup and storage procedures.

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