Create a translation

Open a DNA sequence. Hover over the an annotation that you wish to translate, and select it. Alternatively, manually select a region of your bases.

Click Create at the top of your sequence map, then click Translation. Select the reverse strand as the coding strand. 

You can also right-click on the selection, and click Create Translation. 

Your translation will automatically be indexed. If your translation isn't indexed or you want to remove the indexing, click on the gear icon in the top right and toggle "Amino Acid indices". 

Link translations

Keep indices continuous between two translations by linking translations. Click on the annotations icon and open Expanded Translations. Press the checkboxes and click Link Translations to link two translations.

Alternately, right-click on any translation to Link Previous Translation and create or add it to the translation group.

What's next?

After reviewing this tutorial you can next learn how to import proteins and how to analyze protein properties.

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