Create a new enzyme list

Click on your profile icon, and then Feature Settings, Enzyme Lists. Give your enzyme list a name and description, and click Create Enzyme Lists.

On the Enzymes tab, search for the enzymes you’d like to add to your list. For example, search and add EcoRI, EcoRV, BamHI, and HindIII. Click Save Changes.

Share enzyme lists

On the Collaborators tab of your enzyme list, add the username of the collaborators or organization you’d like to share the list with. Under Permissions, choose which permission level to give each collaborator:

  • Admin: An admin can view, edit, or delete the list. The admin can also add collaborators to the list.
  • Read: A user with Read access can view the enzyme list, but cannot make changes.
  • Write: A user with Write access can view and edit the list.

What's next?

Next, learn how to find a restriction enzyme cut site on your sequence and how to simulate a digest.

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