Benchling’s global searching tools help scientists locate and organize their work. Explore these features below and learn how scientists streamline organization and power efficiency.

Benchling’s global search allows users to locate any file on Benchling. The search tool will even search files embedded in notebook entries.

Start the Global Search by clicking the magnifying glass (Search) icon and typing in the search bar.

Search for specific file types in specific locations by using the drop down menus above the search bar. You can click "Sort By" to sort searches by relevance, date, and name.

Filter searches

Click the filter icon to narrow your search. Use the drop down menu to toggle different filters.

Search by DNA and AA strings

Search for inventory files by changing the filter to "Nucleotide String" and typing a DNA sequence. Benchling will find DNA files containing the DNA sequence. Alternatively, type an amino acid sequence to return DNA sequences with translations containing the same sequence of amino acids.

Search by author

Benchling automatically records the author of each file. Search for files by author by clicking "Author" in the filter modal. You’ll be able to choose between yourself, collaborators, and any other users who created files you can access.

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