Home and the Calendar

Important destinations can be quickly accessed using the Navigation Bar located on the left side. Clicking the Benchling logo icon will open the Home Side Panel, where you can find your most recently accessed files in list form.

You can expand this section to access different views of your projects, including daily, 2-week and monthly calendar views.


The briefcase icon takes you to the Projects Side Panel, where you can create new folders, entries, and protocols, or access your notebook and inventory files. 

Your projects are listed in alphabetical order. You can search for a project by name, and filter by projects shared with a specific team or organization.

You can expand the view by clicking on the arrow on the top right of the Projects Sidepanel. The resulting Expanded Projects Sidepanel allows you to work with files in bulk and view file tags. You can also sort through tags by clicking the filter icon. You can collapse the expanded view again by clicking on the arrow on the top right corner of the screen.

In order to navigate backwards in projects (e.g. return to the top level Projects Folder from a project that you've navigated to), simply click on the Projects header text.


The content of your projects will be displayed in the workspace next to the navigation bar. Note that if multiple documents are open, they will be kept in tabs at the top of the workspace. Additional Workspace items will be located in the overflow menu. The overflow icon will appear on the right of your Workspace when you have many files open.

Tip: You can right-click a tab for the option to close all other tabs, leaving only the selected one open. You can also close all tabs from the overflow menu.

Should you want to expand the tab you are working on to take up the entire workspace, click on the workspace expand button located on the top right corner of the workspace, which will collapse the sidebar. 

All Benchling items (notebook entries, registered items, inventory items, etc.) contain pieces of information that are viewable via "sub-tabs".  You can easily click through these sub-tabs to get to the information you are seeking. 

You may use the Split Workspace button to view multiple sub-tabs on your screen at the same time.  When Split Workspace is enabled, you may drag and drop sub-tabs to customize your view.


You can access the Benchling Registry by selecting the grid icon. From here, you can view your registered items and adjust registry settings. The registry view can also be expanded for browsing through registered items.

The Registry allows you to track all of your organization's biological entities.

External Data

The folder icon takes you to the External Data section. You can connect your Dropbox or Google Drive accounts to Benchling by selecting the ‘+’ icon. Files from these external accounts can be dragged into your Benchling notebook entries.

Learn more about setting up external data.

Global Create

You can create new files from the “+” icon, including projects, notebook entries, protocols, sequences (DNA and protein), oligos, CRISPR guide RNAs, and more.

Select the magnifying glass icon to search through all data on Benchling. You can limit your search just notebook or inventory contents, and can set more granular filters by selecting the ‘+ Filter’ button.

Expanded View

In both the Registries and Projects modules, you have the option of viewing module content in expanded view. To toggle expanded view, click on the arrow located next to the Projects or Registries header. To exit expanded view, click on the left arrow located at the top right of the workspace.  Expanded view allows you to multi-select your entries, your inventory, and your items to be able to make changes in bulk!

You can also close the modules completely by clicking on the close button ('X') when you hover over the expand/collapse arrows.

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