After creating a task group, users with appropriate permissions can execute tasks in notebook entries or in the task group. How you complete a task depends on its execution type. If its associated task schema supports the:

  • Direct execution type: you can manually update its status in the task group. Tasks using this execution type are not executed into entries.

  • Entry execution type: you need to execute the task and associate it with a new or existing notebook entry.

  • Flowchart execution type: you must complete a linear chain of tasks defined in the flowchart’s task schema. To complete tasks in a flowchart, visit Executing flowchart workflows.

This article explains how to:

To learn more about tasks and how to create them, visit Creating task groups.

Getting started

Before executing a task, ensure you have Write permissions in the folder or project the task group is associated with.

Execute a task

To execute a task, you need to select the task to execute and create or select an entry. After executing a task, you can complete its entry to send it for review.

To execute a task:

  1. In the Workflows dashboard, hover over the task to execute and check the box to select it. If you are executing multiple tasks, ensure they have the same schema type.

  2. Click Execute in the top-right corner.

  3. In the pop-up window, select the entry type.

    • To select an existing entry, enter the entry title and select it from the drop-down menu. The entry must have been created from the execution template assigned to that task type.

    • To create a new entry, enter the entry title, then select the initial day and project the entry is associated with.

  4. Click Execute.

Complete a task

Executing a task opens the entry you selected or created and updates the task status to In Progress. In the entry, the executed tasks display in rows in the Tasks table. If an Outputs table was configured in the task schema, you can link tasks to their outputs.

To complete the task, complete the Tasks and Outputs tables, then send them for review. If you need to make an update after submitting, you can change values in the tables and re-submit.

To complete the task:

  1. Fill in the empty columns in the task row.

  2. Click Submit in the top-right corner of the Tasks table to send the task for review.

  3. @mention the task in a row in the Outputs table to link the task to its output, if an Outputs table was configured.

  4. Click Submit in the top-right corner of the Outputs table to create outputs.

Use the Link output to task shortcut

To automatically link tasks to outputs, use the Link output to task shortcut by clicking the link icon in the top-right corner of the Outputs table. What it links depends on how many tasks it finds:

  • If there is one task found per output, the task populates the cell automatically.

  • If multiple tasks are found per output, the output is duplicated into additional rows to ensure each output is linked to only one task.

  • If no task is found, @mention the task in the cell.

You can use the shortcut for some rows and manually fill in tasks for others. The shortcut will not overwrite existing information.

Update task statuses

As you complete tasks, you can manually update their statuses. How you update tasks depends on their associated task schemas. To learn more about task types, visit Creating task groups.

Direct completion task type

Executing a completion-based task does not create an associated notebook entry. To update a direct execution task:

  1. In the workflow, click Edit.

  2. In the Status column, click the icon and select the status.

  3. Click Submit.

Entry task type

Executing an entry-based task updates the status from Pending to In Progress. You can manually update entry-based statuses in its workflow or entry.

To update a task status:

  1. If you are viewing the workflow, click Edit in the top-right corner.

  2. In the Status column of the Tasks table, click the icon and select the status.

  3. Click Submit.

An output is not required to manually set a task to Complete.

Entry review task type

Executing a review-based task updates the status from Pending to In Progress. Completing a review automatically updates the status to Completed.

To send a task for review, click Submit in the top-right corner.

Note: To review a task, you must have Write permissions on the project the entry is in and the project the task group is in.

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