Use tasks and task groups in the Workflows application to represent your organization’s workflows, steps to complete processes, and the users completing them. This article explains:

Getting started

Before creating a task group, ensure you have at least one task schema. To create a task schema, visit Configuring task schemas.

Tasks explained

Tasks represent the jobs to do in a process or workflow. Each task has standard operational properties and custom fields that represent the parameters required to do the job.

How you complete a task depends on its execution type. If its associated task schema supports the:

  • Direct execution type: you can manually update its status in the task group. Tasks using this execution type are not executed into entries.

  • Entry execution type: you need to execute the task and associate it with a new or existing notebook entry.

  • Flowchart execution type: you must complete a linear chain of tasks defined in the flowchart’s task schema. To learn more about flowcharts, refer to Configuring flowchart task schemas.

A group of tasks, or a task group, represents your workflow. Tasks in a task group have the same execution type and are usually created at the same time.

A task’s status lifecycle determines how it is defined as complete. Status lifecycles for tasks are:

  • Entry - Entry execution type

  • Entry review - Entry execution type

  • Direct completion - Direct execution type

  • Flowchart - Flowchart execution type

To learn more about status lifecycles and how to update tasks in each lifecycle, visit Executing and completing workflow tasks and Executing flowchart workflows.

Create a task group

To create a task group:

  1. Click the Workflows icon in the left-side menu.

  2. Click the + icon at the top of the panel, then select the task schema for your workflow.

  3. In the pop-up window that displays, select the folder and enter the tasks.

    • Each row of the Tasks table is one task. To add rows to the bottom of the table, double-click the horizontal stripes icon and enter the number of rows you need.

    • For each task, enter the task parameters and assignees, if applicable.

  4. Click Create.

Tip: When adding more rows to your table, you can click and drag the horizontal stripes icon down until you have the correct number of rows. This works best when adding small numbers of rows.

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