Before utilising the Result table feature, first a Result table must be configured by an admin. This guide explains how this can be done.

Inserting a Result table

To insert a Result table into a Notebook entry, navigate to Insert on the Notebook toolbar > Result table > Select the Result table from the dropdown and press Insert.

Adding entities to the Result table

Adding entities to a Result table can be done in multiple different ways, all methods require you to first press the blue + icon. The following options will be available:

Add row - A single entity can be searched for and added to the Result table.

Add samples - Pull multiple entities from other structured tables within the same Notebook entry.

Add from worklist - Add entities listed in a worklist. To find out more about worklists have a look at this help article.

Import from spreadsheet - Use a spreadsheet to add entities and their corresponding results to the Result table in bulk.

View Results recorded against entities in the Registry

Within the Registry, search for the entity you want to view. On an entities page navigate to the Results tab, here all results recorded against this entity will be displayed. The Result table fields will be included as well as a link to the entry the Result table can be found within.

Useful Resources

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