Block templates make it easy to run basic queries in Insights without having to touch a line of SQL.

To add a block using a template:

  • Click Add block
  • Select a template from the Templates section in the menu

To fill out the template:

  • Select the schema that has the data you're interested in
  • Check Exclude duplicate values to remove any duplicates in the results (optional)
  • Use the checkboxes next to the field names to select which columns you'd like to include
  • Update the fields' display names to change the column names (optional)

If you'd like to customize the SQL query, such as adding a WHERE clause to filter down your data or add a parameter, you can do so by clicking Edit SQL. Make sure you're done filling out the form before you do this, because you won't be able to return to the form once you edit the SQL query.

When you're done filling out the form, click Run Query to submit the form and see the results. You can keep the results in the form of the table, or configure a visualization as you normally would. The block will show up once you navigate back to your dashboard.

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