Benchling Validated Cloud FAQ

1. Benchling Validated Cloud Overview

2. Product Tenancy and Release Process

3. Considerations for Current Benchling Customers

4. Establishing and Maintaining Validation Requirements

5. Benchling Quality System, Infrastructure, and Audits

Download a PDF copy of the Benchling Validated Cloud FAQ here.

Benchling Validated Cloud data sheet

Download a PDF copy of Benchling Validated Cloud data sheet here.

Validation & Compliance: Considerations for Using Benchling as a GxP System

This whitepaper discusses considerations for companies that plan to utilize Benchling solutions in R&D workflows that fall under GxP regulations and require computer systems validation. Download a PDF copy here.

Introducing Validated Cloud: Accelerating Product Development for Life Sciences

Check out the blog here.

Request a Demo of Benchling Validated Cloud

If you are interested in this Benchling feature, please request a demo using this link.

Validated Cloud Release Information

For information on a specific release, please visit this collection on

Validated Cloud Notifications

In order to keep you updated on the schedule for the coming release, you will receive a series of important notifications.


For any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Benchling Support Team via chat or email

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