Insights Registry Embedding will allow you to embed a dashboard in the registry, so that you can see per-entity results without needing to go through the Insights module. Once the dashboard is configured on the schema with the appropriate parameters, it will appear in the registry as a new tab next to all the other tabs related to that entity. The dashboard will be dynamically updated with any new results related to that entity.

Insights Registry Embedding is enabled by default if your Benchling instance has both Registry & Insights.

1. First, create a dashboard that you would like embedded into a given entity.

2. Define a parameter in that dashboard to be of a particular Entity Link type. Navigate to the left side of the parameter and click on the name of the parameter. This will bring up a Parameter configuration modal that allows you to configure the type of the parameter to be specific to a particular entity.

3. Open up the corresponding entity schema page and hit the + next to Dashboard. (If you’ve just created the dashboard, refresh the URL.)

4. Set the parameters of the dashboard

Remember that the parameters you set here can be either static or dynamic.

Static parameters will have the same value in the dashboard, no matter what entity is selected. For example, if I set the Min Rate in the modal shown to be 50, the Min Rate will display as 50 for all entities.

Dynamic parameters will have a different value in the dashboard, dependent on the entity being selected. I’ve set the Myosin parameter to be the entity ID of the entity being viewed.

At the moment, the entity ID is the only variable on the viewed entity that can be set to dynamically update.

5. Voila, the dashboard should be embedded in the entity schema.

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