One of the great advantages of Benchling is the ability to flexibly define your data model using Registry, Result, Inventory, and Request schemas. Your Benchling instance can be customized to fit exactly the workflow for your scientists.

One downside to that flexibility is that there isn't a single way to see the relationships between all the tables in Benchling. You can get a rough sense for what tables you expect to see in the data warehouse by using our documentation (

We've improved that experience now with the release of Dynamic Warehouse Diagrams (DWD).

DWD lets you understand the relationships between a given table and other tables in your Benchling schema.

First open the Insights module and create a query. You can then open a specific table in the schema browser, in the top right hand area.

For any given table, you should see an icon that looks like so:

Clicking this will bring you to DWD, showing all the relationships to the table you've selected.

You can use the buttons in DWD to expand the view to new tables. Each table will show the name of the table, and the columns in that table, alongside the relationships between the tables. You also have the ability to modify the SQL statement directly from this view, or get the information you need and exit back to the main query edit page.

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