Create or join an organization for your course

An organization can be used to share assignments, protocols, or data between students in your course. To create or join an organization, start by finding your avatar icon in the bottom left corner and then “Join Organization”. To join existing organizations, search for your organization name, and click “Request to Join”.

From this menu, you can create your own organization, by clicking on “Create one now”. Fill out your organization’s name, give it an organization handle (a unique username that other users can easily search for), and add an avatar to represent your organization. You can even invite students or TAs to join your organization. Once complete, click on the “Next:Share Projects” button if there are existing Projects you’d like to share across the organization and complete your setup.

Invite students to sign up and join your organization

After creating your organization, access its page later by clicking on your avatar and finding your organization. Navigate to the “Members” tab where you can see/edit your current class roster and invite new students or TAs. You can invite multiple email addresses by comma-separating each one (ex. “,”)

Set up projects for your course’s organization

Projects help organize notebook entries, assignments, and sequences. From your organization page, you can create a new project or share existing ones to your entire class. The following are project permissions that you can set for all students.

  • READ: Can view files in your project, but cannot make changes
  • WRITE: Can view and edit the project
  • ADMIN: Can add collaborators to the project, in addition to viewing, editing, or deleting the project.

Create multiple Projects with various permissions to fulfill the needs of your course. You can have students collaborate on assignments, work from an uneditable reference file, and more.

If you prefer students NOT to have access to each other’s work, create projects to only grant specific users access to them. For large classes, have students create their own project and add you and/or a TA as a collaborator with “ADMIN” permissions. You can then modify the permissions for your students’ projects at anytime. Remove collaborators by hovering over their name and clicking the trash icon that appears on the right side.

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