If you are a Tenant Admin, you are able to look at all the users within your tenant regardless of the team(s) or org(s) they are in. You can use the Tenant Admin Console to find out specific information about any user to help understand the following:

  • How many users are in an Org? Which users are in that Org?
  • How many users are in a Team? Which users are in that Team?
  • How many suspended users are in my tenant?
  • How many users have access to the Molecular Biology application?
  • etc

Searching for users

Access the Tenant Admin Console and navigate to the Users tab:

In the search bar below users, search for the user of interest:

Actions you can take on a specific user:

Filtering your search parameter can allow you to narrow down your specific parameters to find the information important to you. Within a search you can filter by:

  • Organization
  • Team
  • Application Access
  • Account Status

Note: When searching by Application Access, selecting more than one application will show you users that have access to any of the selected choices. For example, if you were to select Molecular Biology and Registry, you'd see all users with access to Molecular Biology OR the Registry.

Exporting all users as a CSV

If you'd like to generate a full list of your Benchling users you can export a CSV from the Tenant Admin Console. Exporting a CSV will include the following:

  • Username
  • Email
  • Name
  • Organization(s)
  • Team(s)
  • Suspended -> True/False
  • Joined on
  • Last Seen
  • Password Reset Date

Click on the export users button while in the Users tab of the Tenant Admin Console:

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