We’ve removed the split between the Notebook and Inventory tabs in Projects. This change affects how Notebook entries and sequences are created and displayed. If you have folders with identical names in the Notebook and Inventory tabs, they will now appear side by side as two separate folders. If you don't see this update immediately, try refreshing your browser page first.

Previously, the Notebook and Inventory tabs limited the types of files you could create within Projects or folders. With this update, you now have the ability to create any Benchling file type from a single menu.

When looking at your Projects, you can filter on specific file types such as “Folders” or “Entry”, and further sort these items based on “Name” or “Date Created”

You can always reorganize files and folders in your Projects and can even recreate a folder structure that mirrors the old Notebook and Inventory tabs. To move individual items, drag them into a specified folder or hover over the item, then right-click and select the “Move To...” option.

Save yourself time by moving files in bulk. Click into the expanded view of your project, select checkboxes for each item you’d like to move, and then choose the “Move To...” option in the toolbar.

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