Similarly to archiving different entries and entities, you can also archive Registry schemas that you have created.

Note: You must have Admin permissions in the registry to archive schemas.

  1. Please ensure that you have access to Registry Settings and navigate there by selecting your Avatar in the bottom left corner of Benchling > Feature Settings > Registry Settings.

2. Place your cursor over the schema that you intend to archive. A red archive button will appear on the right hand side.

3. A pop up will ask you the reason for archiving the schema.

Note: You will need to archive all entities registered under the schema of interest before archiving the schema. Otherwise the following error message will populate.

If you continue to experience problems archiving a schema, please contact your Customer Success representative.

It is possible to view currently archived schemas. You can unarchive them by selecting the red unarchive button that displays when hovering over the schema.

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