In order to archive registry schema fields, make sure you have access to edit Registry Settings

  1. Navigate to Registry Settings
  2. Click on "Entity / Batch Schemas" on the left side panel
  3. Click into the appropriate schema
  4. To the right of the "Format" column in each field, hover your cursor over this area. A red "Archive" button should appear
  5. Click "Archive" and select a reason for archiving

Note: You won't be able to archive fields under this situations:

  • Keep in mind that once you archive a field, a new field cannot be named the same as the archived field as the warehouse name can only be used once
  • There are un-archived references of the field (including computed fields)
  • The field is used in a name template or constraint
  • The field is a dropdown, and there are un-archived fields referencing the dropdown

Please reach out to you CS representative for additional help in these areas.

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