Setting up Zebra Browser Print 

Zebra Browser Print is a desktop application that allows the web browser to find printers on your local network. This allows people to print barcodes from Benchling to computers on the same network as printers without needing to configure your firewall to allow outside traffic. See image below as a reference to what Browser Print UI looks like.

This feature must be enabled by Benchling before it will be available on your Benchling tenant. If you cannot find this feature or suspect that it is not yet enabled on your site, reach out to your main Benchling point of contact or to Benchling support.

Once you have established a connection between your computer and printer on the same network, follow the steps below:

   1. Navigate to the site and locate the download page for the Browser Print application.
   2. Click "Download Browser Print' and install the program on your computer.
   3. Open the Zebra Browser Print App.
   4. To proceed, accept the Security Certificate pop-up:

   5. If opened in Google Chrome, select "Advanced." 

   6. Click Proceed to localhost (unsafe message): Note: This step simply allows a        
       connection between the web-browser and the Zebra Browser Printer App on a
       local network.

   7. Accept the "Select an Option" pop-up window:

   8. Zebra Browser Print is now on the menu bar at the top of your screen. Click on
       the Zebra icon.

   9. Select "Settings" to find a printer. 

   10. Check both boxes for "Broadcast Search" and "Driver Search" at the bottom of
       the window.

   11. Click "Change" to find Zebra printers. Note: You will need to have the Zebra      
       Browser Print App running on your computer to print labels.

12. Configuration is complete! Now, verify that you can successfully use your printer by opening a container and printing a barcode.  You should see your printers listed as an option in the dropdown menu.

Workflow summary:

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