The inventory application allows you to search for containers, boxes, plates, and locations based on a variety of attributes. 

To begin, click on the Storage button on the side panel and then click Filter.


You can search on fields inherent to the container itself such as container name, creator, or date created. If you have set up metadata fields for the container, you can select Field and then select the specific metadata field of interest.

Container contents 

If you want to search for containers based on the entities that are contained inside of them, you can specify options using the Contents dropdown. The Contents filter allows you to specify one or more entities. You can then specify if you want to search for inventory items that have one of, all of, or none of the defined entities.

Container content type

This filter specifies an entity type that is stored within a container, box, or plate.

Container content field

The content field filter allows users to specify fields from the registry to filter on. In this example, a user searches for containers that have a cell line that express a particular gene. 

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