Export an individual protein

If you would like to export your protein, open the protein file of interest in Benchling. 

  1. Click on the Information icon on the right side toolbar

  2. Under "Export Data," choose whether you would like to export the protein in the FASTA (.fasta) or GenPept (.gp) format 

  3. Click "Download"

Bulk export

Benchling also has the ability to bulk export data. You can export all of the items in a project or folder by clicking on your avatar in the bottom left > "Data Export" > "All Items (ZIP Archive)"

From there, you can choose which folder you want to export, and all of the proteins in that folder will be exported in FASTA format.

Note: Exporting "All Items" will export all of the entries and DNA sequences in that folder as well. If you only want to export your proteins, move all of your protein files into one folder and export that folder.

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