What are minimum and maximum thresholds?

Defining minimum and maximum thresholds in a floating type field of a Results schema causes fields to display as "invalid" if input data exceeds any of the boundaries set.

How to create minimum and maximum thresholds

After you create a Results schema, add more row(s) to the JSON Spec to indicate minimum and maximum thresholds as shown below:

Click the blue "Update" icon below the code to update the JSON Spec.

Note: If a Results schema has already been used to store data in Benchling, you cannot define the minimum or maximum thresholds. If you try to set boundaries to that Results schema, you will get a following error:

Minimum and maximum thresholds in practice

If you enter a value in a Result table that exceeds the set boundaries, you will see a red flag in the cell. If you move your cursor close to the red flag, you can see an explanation of the validation error: 

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