What is minimum and maximum thresholds?

Defining minimum and maximum thresholds in a floating type field of a Results schema create fields to display invalid if input data supersedes any of the boundaries set.

How to create minimum and maximum thresholds

After you create a Results schema, just add more row(s) to indicate minimum and maximum thresholds as shown below:

If you click a blue "Update" icon on the bottom, JSON Spec will be updated as below:

If Results data, associated with a Results schema, already exists in Benchling, you cannot define the minimum or maximum thresholds. If you try to set boundaries to that Results schema, you will get a following error:

How the minimum and maximum thresholds work

After you add a Results table in an entry and add a float number that is out of the boundaries, which you have just set, you will see a red flag in the cell. If you move your cursor close to the red flag, you can see an explanation of the validation error: 

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