Blob Links are a field type in Results Tables that allow you to insert files (or "blobs") and link them to your samples though the Results Tab.  You can use these to associate files or images to your registry item.

A blob link can be configured in the Assay Results Schema portion of your configurations page.

After inputting samples into your data table, simply click on the blob link field you wish to upload to.  Then, you may either select or drag and drop the file you wish to associate with the row, as demonstrated in the illustration below:


What file types are supported?

You can associate most file types with blob links.  The default file size limit is 2 GB.

Most files will show up as a "chip" linking to the file in the Benchling UI - both in the results table in your entry and on the Results Tab on your entity page.

Images will show up as images. PDF’s will show up as a chip. Hovering over your inserted file with your mouse will reveal a link to download your file.

Blob links show up as URL links to the file location in the data warehouse.

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