1. Go to the OneLogin applications page, and click "Add App".

  2. Search for "SAML Test Connector (IdP)" in the "Find Applications" section and select "SAML Test Connector (IdP) w/encrypt"

  3. Update the "Display Name" to "Benchling" and click "Save"

  4. Set the following attributes (replace "YOURDOMAIN" with your subdomain):

Click Save.

Next, for each of the parameters below:

  • Click "Add parameter"

  • Type in the "Field name"

  • Check "Include in SAML assertion"

  • Click "Save". This will add a row to the parameters table with a Value of "- No Default -".

  • Click the "Value" field and select the appropriate Value in the dropdown.


  • Field name: email , Value: Email 

  • Field name: firstName , Value: First Name 

  • Field name: lastName , Value: Last Name 

Click Save in the top right of the page.

Once configured, return to SAML Single Sign-On and continue from Step 2.

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