Plasmids contain many components called “Parts”, and the Registry allows scientists to track and share these different Parts across its teams. 

Scientists working with plasmids can use parts to:

  • Define and track different parts of plasmids

  • Intelligently autofill plasmids with annotations and their component Parts

  • Search for shared plasmids and filter by gene, promoter, tag, and more

If your DNA sequence schema contains a file field of format “Part link”, you’ll have to first create a schema for these parts, such as Promotor, Enhancer, or Resistance. These Parts can then be recognized as part of an Auto-fill Part Fields function.

  1. Create a new schema and set the File Type to Sequence. Name this schema with the type of Part you will be storing (i.e. “Promoter”, “Enhancer”, etc.)

2. You can then import your library of parts using a spreadsheet upload.

3. Finally, reference our article on auto-filling parts to learn how to automatically find and link registered parts in containing sequences.

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