For an overview of what Parts are, please reference: Use parts to design modular sequences

It’s easy to import plasmids into Benchling and automatically find and link registered Parts.

  1. Import your sequences by dragging in a .gb file into the Inventory section of a project. Sequences can also be created by clicking the “Create” (plus sign) button in the left navigation bar and selecting Sequence. 
  2. In a newly opened sequence map, select the Metadata tab, circled in red below.

From the metadata view, click the Schema dropdown and select your schema type.

Once the “Plasmid” schema has been assigned, all of the fields associated with the schema will be applied to the sequence.

  1. To automatically link in registered parts, click on "Auto Fill Parts"

   2. Benchling will automatically populate the Plasmid schema fields with the relevant     registered Parts detected in the sequence. 

Auto-filled schema fields. Clicking on any of the Part links will take you to a sequence view for that Part. 

Auto-fill Parts in Bulk

You can also auto-fill parts in bulk via the expanded registry screen view.

  1. Click on your Registry button
  2. Click on the right arrow to expand your view
  3. Select your plasmids (schema must have part links)
  4. Click on More -> Analyze -> Auto-fill Part Fields

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