Step 1: Add an Okta application for each tenant

From the Okta admin Applications panel, click Add Application and search for “Benchling for Enterprise” in the Okta gallery.

In the General settings, fill in your Subdomain. (Feel free to edit the Application label.) Click Next.

Optionally assign the application to people - you can go back later and assign it to groups / people as necessary. Click Done.

Step 2: Send Benchling your metadata URL

Click the Sign On tab after completing the initial creation, and look for "Identity Provider metadata is available" on the page:

Right click Identity Provider metadata and copy the URL. This is your metadata URL - it should look something like "". Send it to Benchling support, as we will need it to complete configuration on our end

Step 3: Configure Single Logout [Optional]

If you would like to enable this feature, request the Signature Certificate from Benchling Support. Once it has been provided, check the option labeled “Enable Single Logout” and upload the certificate under “Signature Certificate”.

Step 4: Continue following previous document

Return to SAML Single Sign-On and continue from Step 2.

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